I Can Be Anything

Avish Mohapatra | 08, May 2023

I Can Be Anything

In a random town,

Some lane I was walking down,

When somebody asked, Hey!

Are you a girl or a boy?

Smilingly I said, just a moment!

An atom or even a mess.

Unlike other messes I encountered,

A potent machinery or personage;

I am subtle if not impeccable,

However, I can connect to nature!

What if we have no gender?

I just wonder,

Ain’t we at birth; just a random mass?

Nothing more, nothing less;

Can’t we simply be energy packets?

A mess of stardust or stuff,

Just we can be a speck of Cosmos?

Waitin’ to be merged into this universe.

Sometimes nothing as an atom;

Or a mere particle of dust!