Nazariya, a Queer Feminist Resource Group, was formed in October 2014 by a group of Delhi-based queer feminist activists. It was started to sensitise the work and culture of groups and individuals working on issues of gender-based violence, livelihoods, education, and health from a queer perspective through research & evaluations, capacity building, and advocacy.

We use the word queer for people who have diverse sexual orientations and gender identities. A queer perspective helps build links between issues of people marginalised on the basis of their gender and sexuality, and the existing work on violence, livelihoods, education, and health in order to impact the discourse on pleasure, desire, rights, and entitlements.

For us, gender is beyond the binary of man and woman. We recognize gender as a structure with different norms for people assigned female and people assigned male at birth. We consciously challenge the binary framework through our work, vision, and agenda. We ensure that this understanding of gender permeates the perspectives of organizations working on gender in different capacities. Our understanding of sexuality also moves beyond violence and identities. Sexuality is a lens to help analyse structures and institutions by which we can address issues of marginalization and inclusivity in a holistic manner.

Nazariya is led and run by queer persons. With a focus on queer women and trans* persons, we at Nazariya work with a view to make LGBT*QIA+ lives visible. We believe that all queer persons have the capability and capacity to demand our rights and speak for ourselves when we have access to resources and equal opportunities in a non-discriminatory environment. We advocate for creating such an environment.

Trans*:We use the word trans* to indicate an inclusive way to address all non-cisgender identities in one simple term (for example, gender non-binary, gender non-conforming, genderqueer, etc.). Cisgender denotes or relates to a person whose sense of personal identity and gender corresponds with their gender assigned at birth. While transgender is also correct. Trans* is more inclusive and widely acceptable.
LGBT*QIA+:It is expanded as Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Trans*/Queer/Intersex/Asexual spectrum and the + denotes people with diverse gender identities and sexualities.