Nazariya Foundation has set up a safe home for LBQT* persons and couples looking to escape natal family violence. In a monumental judgment from the Delhi High Court on 29th September 2023, a lesbian couple fleeing natal family violence were reunited following the crisis work done by our team and a team of dedicated advocates. 

We want to continue running this shelter home to support queer and trans* persons and couples. But running a shelter home requires money and unfortunately we do not have any funding for the same. Our shelter home is a 2BHK where 6 LBQT* persons are staying. During the time of their stay, we watchout for their food, accommodation costs and a safe stay with us. 

The minimum budget for 6 persons comes to:  

Groceries+ Vegetables = Rs 10000 Rs

Maintenance + other expenses =10000 Rs

Total = 20000 Rs

We require continued support or one-time donation to sustain this important work. You can also send us rations directly! However, if you are sending monetary support, you can only send it in Indian rupees. We can send you tax exemption certificates once you donate. 

We are a community-based organisation and believe that it is from mutual support and interdependence that we as a community and society can thrive.

You can call us on our helpline at +91 9818151707 (Mon to Fri, 11 am to 6 pm) or write to us at for further details if you are interested in donating.

No donation is a small donation. 

Thank you for your support!

Satrangi Salaam!