Anxiety of Coming Out

Varnesvari Rilde | 06, Sep 2022

Anxiety of Coming Out

Anxiety of Coming Out 

For years I had hidden, 

For months I had waited, 

For weeks I had decided, 

Mere moments is all that remained. 

Today is the day – I told myself, 

Now is the time – I explained to self, 

It will be all right – I assured myself. 

Neither was true, nor was it false, 

The one truth was that it would change it all. 

I entered the room, 

I sat in the chair. 

“M...M...Mom”, I stuttered. 


I had something to tell. 

I opened my mouth to say the words. 

I was struck by a thought which was worse. 


My mouth won’t move, 

My heart-beat fast, 

I heard the silence, 


So I revealed it all. 

“I’m queer” I said. 

And closed my eyes. 

I didn’t wish to see, 

Her reaction this time.